Week 2 April 12-16

AM Zoom Meeting Wednesday at 10:30 am

PM Zoom Meeting Wednesday at 1:30 pm

No online classes on Friday April 16

AM Reading/Writing Practice for the Week


1. Reading E-mails Practice 1-Skill Building

Read the e-mail and answer questions.

2. Reading E-mails Practice 2-Skill Building

Read the e-mail and answer questions.


1. Practice Test-Reading Emails-Skill Using (Due Thursday)

Please complete the Practice Test by Thursday. Assessment will be next week.

PM Listening/Speaking Practice for the Week


1. Filling Prescriptions

Listen to the conversation between pharmacist and patient. Pay attention to the instructions, warnings and side effects of the medication.

Filling a Prescription Listening

2. Medicine Instructions and Warnings

Match the medicine instructions and warnings with the meaning.

3. Prescription Medicine Instructions and Warnings 

Learn how to understand and follow medicine instructions and warnings from the pharmacist.


1. At the Pharmacy-Listening Practice (Due Thursday)

Listen to 4 audio conversations between the patient and pharmacist and answer the questions.